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Make it work

You can freely take from svn server and try to compile it, you will need libbluethooth, libbluetooth-dev, sqlite3 and sqlite3-dev for compile it.

This project is developed in C language with use of Eclipse IDE and Doxygen documentation tool, if you want contribute to teh code writing you need this tools:

* Eclipse IDE as IDE for developing the project
* CDT plugin for Eclipse as syntax checker and more
* Subclipse plugin for Eclipse as SVN client

If you want rebuild the project API documentation you need to install this other packages:

* Eclox plugin for eclipse
* Doxygen for generate the API documentation

After downloaded and installed all you can checkout the source code from subversion repository (on windows try ToiseSVN). On linux simply write this on your consolle:

svn co blueadvertise

Try to use it and if you have any idea write me an email freely ;) .

(C) Valerio Vaccaro 2008

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